Hey everybody! My name is Cristina Kline and I am a nursing major, currently at Southeastern Louisiana University.  This mission trip to Amatongas has been an amazing experience that I am so thankful to have been a part of. Everyday has been a new experience..from the bumpy car rides to playing with the kids, painting the school, almost getting attacked by an elephant, and so much more.  It’s hard to put in words what you experience when you’re here. I never fully comprehended the poverty in Africa, until I experienced it firsthand. It amazes me how poor the people are, but how incredibly happy they are.  I now fully believe and understand the quote “money can’t buy happiness”.

Today was our last day here in Amatongas. I woke up to Michael and Anthony obnoxiously banging on our door..which was very surprising because me and Kelsey are usually the ones dragging them out of bed. I attempted to wash my clothes but the housekeeper took over seeing I wasn’t used to using a washboard. I gave her my hiking shoes and a pair of socks as my thanks to her, realizing she would get way more use out of them than me. She was extremely happy and it made me feel good to help her out. The rest of the day consisted of watching the guys build the rest of the playground, which turned out successful. Me and Kelsey also went to the market and bought some African shirts. At dinner they thanked us profusely, and after we took lots of pictures. It was hard to say bye to the kids we got so close to.

Tomorrow we are leaving bright and early at 5:30. Everyone will be traveling home except Michael and I will head to Spain, London and then Iceland for a week where we will meet up with our family. Again, I am extremely grateful to have been a part of Mission Amatongas and hope to be back in the future!


Boa Noite!



06/05/2012 3:55pm

So thrilled Amatongas was a success! Enjoy iceland as your adventures continue!

Lucy A. Rivero
06/05/2012 4:20pm

Cristina, I'm so proud of you!!! You, Michael and the rest of the group are really outstanding young men/women . . . God bless all of you!
Have fun on the rest of your journey and (as always) be safe!!!
Love 'ya

Silvia White
06/05/2012 5:18pm

You expressed it very well. I know it'll hurt leaving but think of all the joy you've brought them and all the joy they've given you. And now to Spain. Let the fun continue!

06/06/2012 9:55am

Thank you, what a blesssing for all of you as well as the natives and to us who read of the sacrifices you each have made and the joy you have given and received. A great encounter with our God almighty.


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