Hey everybody. This is Blake Ortego coming to you live from Amatongas in Mozambique, AFRICA. It was another beautiful day. The weather was pristine. We started work this morning around 8 am. Chip, Knox, Randy and I stayed close to the mission and continued building the playground for the kids. Michael, Christina, Anthony, Trey,  and Kelsey went to Amatongas central to finish the painting of the primary school classroom. It was amazing to see the look on the kid’s as well as adult’s faces as they tried to comprehend what a playground was. They had never seen a power tool and the rock wall we built seemed alien to them. We heard from numerous people that they couldn’t wait until we finished to see how it all worked. All day at the playground we were constantly surrounded by at least 20 kids in total awe of what we were doing and also looking to give a helping hand. This community of Amatongas has been more welcoming than anywhere. Within a 2 week period, speaking a completely different language, all of us within HIA have truly become a part of the family community. They have had special dinners in our honor, learned songs in English to welcome us in, and you will never go more than an hour without hearing a thank you or receive a handshake from all the kids. Our mission is and was to come and love on this community. By simply showing up, I have learned more of love and its simplistic nature. It’s amazing how a simple song or special dinner can make such an impact on a person. I’m learning to keep things simple and enjoy life. I cannot wait to see what the days I’ve yet to experience have to teach me.

Signing off, Blake Ortego.



Lucy A. Rivero
06/02/2012 5:42pm

Thank you for the update!!! Glad things are going well . .. and hope Michael had a great birthday!!!


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