Hello everyone, my name is Knox Kelly, I will be starting medical school at LSU this fall, and I have been involved with HIA since its beginnings four years ago.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I am finally getting used to the early schedule.  As usual the day started early with a great breakfast and some instant coffee.  Then the legendary day that is May 29th really began.  First, I and Cristina headed to the primary school of Amatongas to teach a class on basic health practices.  We taught them about dental care, wound care, germs and hand washing.  We also handed out a lot of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and band aids.  The kids loved it, and made brushing motions to everyone the rest of the day haha! 

After that, we began the epic project of constructing the playground near the campus.  Randy was heading up the project, with Blake, Chip and I helping.  It started out pretty slow, but by the end of the day we had made a considerable amount of progress in constructing the first of two forts that would make it the best playground for miles.  It was a lot of fun…building something with your hands and having the occasional African come by to talk to you.  One of them, Max the electrician, said that he never expected that he would see a cordless drill during his lifetime.  It’s comments like that that bring you back to the reality of the condition of the people here.

The third accomplishment of the day was the final completion of the painting of the school after three days.  We finished a day ahead of schedule and it looks great!  Now Brother is at a loss for more work to give us…but not for lack of options.  There is always plenty to do around here, and choosing seems to be the only problem.  I am sure that we get and new assignment and continue with the playground in the morning.  Overall, it has been a great day, and we are all dead tired.  Hope everything is going well back in the states.  Talk to you later!





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