This morning, we ate a quick breakfast of eggs, homemade bread, and freshly squeezed tangerine juice from the fields here at the mission. After that, we did a little exploring around the mission. The views of the country from the roof of the mission are breathtaking. The shadows of the clouds form hazy spots where sun touches the plants. The land is flowing as far as you can see, full of lush green trees and crops.  We spent some time meeting most of the kids, holding the baby goats, hanging new basketball nets, and watching the kids play fútbol (soccer). Then we went to the primary school across the street to see a presentation that they had prepared for us. We were formally welcomed to Amatongas in the midst of the angelic singing of the school choir. As they sang and danced, we stood there in awe, knowing that the 20 plus hours of travel time and any amount of money we spent to get here was completely worth it, just for that moment. Lunch with the students that board here shortly followed. Each of us was ushered to a different table, then the students began to file in and fill up the rest of the seats at each of our tables. The food was great, but communication was painful, since most of the students only speak Portuguese. We quickly figured out that smiles, head nods, and pictures are universal. Dinner was the same story, but it’s a fun part of the adventure.

-Anthony Brock



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