The following letter was presented to our HIA volunteers at dinner on our last night in Amatongas. The English is not perfect, and they even managed to change our organization's name, but the Head Mistress' sentiments still translates powerfully. Our volunteers traveled to Amatongas with one goal - to make a difference. Day in and day out we worked our hardest to reach this goal. The community opened their arms to us and accepted us into their family and we will carry them with us wherever life's journey goes. The daily gratitude expressed towards our group was exceptionally astounding and will not soon be forgotten. Reflecting back on the past couple weeks, I know for certain that they inspired me more than I could ever inspire them. Their presence is life's greatest gift to me.


Republic of Mozambique
Manica Province
Gondola District
Amatongas Primary School

Letter to thank the rehabilitation offered to our school by

It is a huge satisfaction that we have the desire to express our grateful thanks to the Health Initiative for Africa from USA for the financial that was offered to rehabilitate our school building and Health Oral Teach to almost 865 students.

Towards the rehabilitate our school the group of 9 members from your Institution on their own managed to:

·Paint in and out the biggest block of our school  of almost 20m x 8m, which contain 2 classrooms and 3 offices;

·Put bugler bars on 2 windows of almost 2m x 2m;

·Build a play ground for children;

·Teach students about Oral Health and First Aids;

·Offer clothes and some school materials.

Our school was more than 10 year without any rehabilitation so, the painting that they have done came to change its out look, something that we’ve been seeking for years and finally found without any expectation through HIA. They made up our school to become so beautiful among most of the primary schools in our district.

Our school, like some other schools, never thought to have a play ground due to lack of financial conditions, but from now on we have it and we turn to be a reference from the district up to the province. Every child from Amatongas Village and surrounding areas find the interest come to our School due to the best conditions created by

We also have to say that HIA fill us with happiness by the conditions that created of which are very important for the quality of learning process and it renewed the name of Amatongas Primary School, not only that, also the team that we received and have done the job was so kind towards kids and all the teachers. Every one of them didn’t show any racial discrimination, although the language is the barrier of communication, there was interaction among us.

The name HIA will stay in memory of Amatongas community not only for rehabilitating the school, building play ground, but also for the distribution of tooth brushes, tooth paste, bandages on every health teaching and some pieces of clothes to the students.

Considering the difficulties that we have, the block that has been rehabilitated still needs the same on roof, windows and doors. We still have some other blocks in bad condition. We would be so glad to receive other team from HIA or finance for the same job.     

The school leaders, teachers and students really give thanks and congratulations to you by everything that you’ve done to our school. We’ll try by all means to preserve and keep our school in good conditions that we now have, if possible we’ll carry on with rehabilitation that you’ve started.    

Amatongas Primary School, 5th June 2012.

The Head Mistress+

/ Amelia Gonzaga Doringuira /



Lucy A. Rivero
06/07/2012 1:07pm

Wow, that letter really touched me!!! I've had to wipe the tears that began flowing immediately!
So proud of you guys - keep up the awesome job!!!
Love 'ya


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