Since there’s more days than people, you’re hearing from me again, hope you don’t mind… Today we woke up at the usual time, around 8, and had the standard egg and homemade bread roll breakfast. Soon after that, Knox, Randy, Chip, Blake and Trey headed to continue working on the playground while Michael, Christina, Kelsey and myself went with Brother Fabian to the local clinic.The supplies and infrastructure were very Spartan. The clinic seems to be just another concrete building; it included two small rooms for patients to be seen, a pharmacy, a lab, and a dental room. None of the rooms is even comparable to what we have at home. The “lab” was a room with a desk and a very basic microscope, which is only used to diagnose Tuberculosis. The dentist chair is the only thing that makes the dental room resemble anything we are used to. The pharmacy tech, who was giving us the tour, couldn’t tell us the last time a dentist was there. The small porch on the building was full of people waiting for their turn, so much so that we had to carefully place our feet so as to not step on anyone. We left the clinic and went to lunch with the kids. Shortly following lunch, we joined the guys working on the playground. They have done their best to describe what exactly is needed from the woodshop here at the mission, but the communication barrier continues to be tricky. “Cut this, don’t cut that” becomes “Cut this and that”. After hours of maneuvering around language barriers and waiting for cuts to be made, the swing beam was finally up. Needless to say, it took a lot of finagling and spontaneous ingenuity. We then headed to Chimoio, the nearest “city”, for a hike and pizza dinner. The hike took about 30 minutes to reach the top of a small mountain. As we enjoyed our 360 view of Chimoio, the sun set over a distant mountain behind a few clounds which was absolutely stunning . We hiked down right as the light was fading and vision was becoming tough then drove to a pizza place near the local market. The pizza was delicious and immediately triggered talk of what our ideal meals would be when we got back home. Of course, mine was mom’s red beans and rice with cornbread… hope she reads this. We shared our appreciation with Brother Chris for the opportunity to be here, but thanks just doesn’t seem to say enough. We drove back in our favorite Land Cruiser to help the kids with homework and have some down time before we went to bed, where Coldplay soothed Kline and I to sleep.

Anthony Brock



Silvia White
06/05/2012 7:35am

Absolutely love reading your blog!!!! (Love Coldplay too!)

Lucy A. Rivero
06/05/2012 12:40pm

. . . you guys sure you are not journalism majors ?!?!? I so enjoy reading your blog!!! Keep it up!!!


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