Sundays in Amatongas can only be described by one word: lazy. After waking up and eating breakfast, we headed to the church for Sunday mass. Mass in Africa isn’t the same as mass in the States. For starters, it’s a 50/50 shot, at best, of whether or not the priest shows up. In the case of today, and last Sunday, there was no priest to be seen. Nevertheless, the celebration continued as if the priest wasn’t even needed. The local deacon, and father of one of the boarders, stepped up to the plate and said mass in place of the missing priest, much to the amusement of the other boarders. Time becomes a foreign concept as the ceremony takes off with a heavy emphasis on singing and dancing. When the moment comes to exchange peaceful greetings, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed as you shake hands with virtually every individual in the building.

Immediately following mass, an unofficial gathering is held in front of the church where pleasantries are exchanged with the people around you. Lunch quickly ensued and then we all went our separate ways for the rest of the day. Some of our group headed back to work on the playground and some went to watch the soccer game, while others hung around and played with the kids. Brock and I occupied our time with the infirmary. Measurements were taken and we were able to plan in detail what furniture we wanted to occupy the empty space. Brock proceeded to draw precise blueprints before we met with Brother Chris to share our ideas. After coming to mutual conclusions, we edited our plans before making them final.

Dinner came and went before we huddled around the microscopic television, watched It’s Kind of a Funny Story and enjoyed what little group bonding time we could. Billy Joel then proceeded to tuck Brock and I in, tell us a bed time story and rock us into a serene unconsciousness even Rip Van Winkle would be envious of.

Michael Kline



Silvia White
06/05/2012 7:31am

I want to be there!

Lucy A. Rivero
06/05/2012 12:36pm

. . . you are quite a story teller . . . well written . . .

06/05/2012 3:32pm

I love It's Kind of a Funny Story! Glad you had fun at mass M ;)

12/13/2013 11:02am

A little off-topic but just wanted to say I liked the layout of the site


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