Begin Day Five: Cremation Creek

Mouille's SPOT: Leaving Cremation Creek for the day, heading towards our final destination at Yaki Point.
GPS Location: Latitude:36.08202 Longitude:-112.06482
Date/Time:12/31/2011 09:56:06 CST

End Day Five: Yaki Point

Mouille's SPOT: We completed HIA's Grand Hike for Health! We're exhausted and ready for an evening at the hostel in Flagstaff!
GPS Location: Latitude:36.05293 Longitude:-112.08398
Date/Time:12/31/2011 5:54:18 CST

Begin Day Four: Boulder Creek

Mouille's SPOT: Just broke down camp. Time to start the second half of the hike!
GPS Location: Latitude:36.05741 Longitude:-112.00711
Date/Time:12/30/2011 09:31:55 CST

Day Four: Check-in

Anthony's SPOT: Making great progress today, so we are taking a little break.
GPS Location: Latitude:36.07181 Longitude:-112.04587
Date/Time:12/30/2011 12:36:39 CST

End Day Four: Cremation Creek

Mouille's SPOT: Camp is set up for the night and everyone is nice and tired. Ready for a good meal.
GPS Location: Latitude:36.08203 Longitude:-112.06483
Date/Time:12/30/2011 5:17:37 CST

Begin Day Three: Cottonwood Creek

Mouille's SPOT: Had a good night's sleep. Eating breakfast now and will be heading towards Boulder Creek soon.
GPS Location: Latitude:36.03216 Longitude:-111.9893
Date/Time: 12/29/2011 09:57:01 CST

End Day Three: Boulder Creek

Mouille's SPOT: Settled in for the night and cooking jambalaya.
GPS Location: Latitude:36.05731 Longitude:-112.0071
Date/Time:12/29/2011 6:17:37 CST

Begin Day Two: Horseshoe Mesa

Mouille's SPOT: It's a chilly morning! We're breaking  down camp and heading out soon. It's a beautiful day to be hiking!
Date/Time: 12/28/2011 09:24:42 CST
GPS Location: Latitude:36.02277 Longitude:-111.97519

Day Two: Midday Check-in

Mouille's SPOT: Sitting down for lunch & blown away by this great place. Making great time & enjoying this trip!
Date/Time:12/28/2011 2:33:12 CST
GPS Location: Latitude:36.0246 Longitude:-111.98743

End Day Two: Cottonwood Creek

Mouille's SPOT: Enjoying Dinner
GPS Location: Latitude: 36.03222 Longitude: -111.98929
Date/Time: 12/28/2011 5:46:55 CST



Hello again to everyone - today marked the beginning of HIA's Grand Hike for Health. Before I get into some hike details, I want to update you on some personnel changes and introduce the hikers. Due to health reasons, I'm not going to be camping out at the rim of the canyon any more. I'm at home in Baton Rouge, but will still be updating the blog through updates the hikers  send me via SPOT Locations. Everything will essentially run the same, though. Also, we decided to ask another hiker to join us, so now we have 8 hikers.

The Hikers

Anthony Brock - Biochemistry major at LSU
Mark Clements - Journalism major at LSU
Christopher Iwancio - Seminarian at Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology; experienced Grand Canyon hiker; coordinated the hike route
Ben Jumonville - International Trade & Finance major at LSU
Michael Kline - Philosophy major at LSU
Tom Lawler - Sociology major at Northwestern State University; Wilderness First Aid Certified
Jay Ledoux - French major at LSU
Brian Mouille - Biology major at LSU

Hike Route

The map to the right shows the marked route the guys will be traveling. (The thick red line is the route, and the red and green dots are the markers.)
The hike has 7 markers:
Start: Grandview Point
Day 1: Horseshoe Mesa
Day 2: Cottonwood Creek
Day 3: Boulder Creek
Day 4: Cremation Creek
Day 5: Bright Angel Campground
Day 6 (Finish): South Kaibab Trailhead
(Besides the Start Marker, all the markers denote where the hikers will set up camp at the end of each day.)

Click Map for Larger Image

Begin Day 1: Grandview Point

Mouille's SPOT: At the Grand Canyon trailhead about to begin the hike!
Date/Time: 12/27/2011 @ 1:40:23 CST
GPS location: Latitude:35.99811 Longitude:-111.98788
The following map will be posted each time Brian or Anthony checks in with their SPOT gps device. The green arrow on the map will show where the guys' check-in location is each time.

End Day 1: Horseshoe Mesa

Mouille's SPOT: We are safe at camp for the night and we had a great hike today! Can't wait for what tomorrow will bring us!
Date/Time: 12/27/2011 @ 6:10:20 CST
GPS location: Latitude:36.02274 Longitude:-111.97519

Day 1 Overview


The guys began their decent down into the Grand Canyon from Grandview Point. In a little over 4 hours, they managed to travel the Grandview Trail for a total of 3.2 miles. 
The guys found that Grandview Trail isn't the easiest trail to start out on; it is often narrow and tends to be very steep and rocky. In some places, the cliffs can get so steep, in fact, that the trail is built up with logs to fill gaps between ledges . Despite the trail condition, the view from the upper parts proved to be pretty rewarding for everyone. 
After leaving the steep beginnings of the trail, our hikers entered sloping areas that weren't as steep as previously experienced, but steep nonetheless. As they neared the lowered portions of Grandview Trial, the rock trail became more of a dirt trail with rocks in it. 
After some travel on a more gently sloping area, the guys made it to their destination at Horseshoe Mesa and set up camp. Day one was a success!


Conditions: Mostly Sunny during the day; clear night
High: 53  deg                       Low: 7 deg
Sunrise: 7:38 AM              Sunset: 5:22 PM 
* The posted temperatures are likely to be slightly lower than what our hikers are actually experiencing within the Grand Canyon.*
Entrance to the Cave of the Domes. Seeing the inside of this cave was one of the highlights of Day 1.

Begin Day Four: Boulder Creek

Mouille's SPOT: Had some oatmeal for breakfast, broke down camp, and heading out for another good one!
Latitude:36.05741 Longitude:-112.00711
GPS location Date/Time:12/30/2011 09:31:55 CST

Day Four: Check-in

Anthony's SPOT: Took an early break - we've been making great progress today.
GPS Location: Latitude:36.07181 Longitude:-112.04587
Date/Time:12/30/2011 12:36:39 CST

End Day Four: Cremation Creek

Mouille's SPOT: Covered a lot of ground today. Everyone is doing well. About to eat dinner.
GPS Location: Latitude: 36.08203 Longitude: -112.06483
Date/Time:12/30/2011 5:17:37 CST
On December 26th, six of our members will travel to the Grand Canyon to engage in an interactive fundraising and awareness campaign to benefit our current efforts in opening the health clinic in Amatongas.  With around $8,000 from Art for Africa, our last fundraiser, we sufficiently raised the funds to remodel the clinic. Now we are aiming to build those funds further in order to supply the clinic with basic medical supplies and equipment - thats where our Grand Hike for Health comes in to play. 

Starting on December 27th, five of the guys participating in this event will be hiking from the rim of the Grand Canyon to the Canyon floor, and back, over the course of six days - that's a total of 45 miles. While the hike isn't Everest, it definitely won't be a walk in the park either. 

From the National Park Service's website..."Every year, scores of unprepared hikers, lured by initially easy downhill hiking, experience severe illness, injury, or death from hiking in the canyon. Travel in Grand Canyon National Park’s backcountry has inherent risks and involves unavoidable hazards." Luckily, there is a sixth person hiking with our guys, who is an experienced hiker and is quite familiar with the canyon. So, we feel confidant the five will be in good shape.

The sixth member traveling to the canyon is myself - I won't be hiking, though. I'll be camping out at the rim of the canyon for those 6 days, staying in contact with the hikers through a GPS system. Throughout the hike, I'm going to be keeping all our supporters up to date on the guys' progress through this blog.

Check back close to event time for updates.

- Hartman


    The Blogger

    Hartman Brunt
    HIA President

    The Hikers

    Anthony Brock
    Mark Clements
    Christopher Iwancio
    Ben Jumonville
    Michael Kline
    Tom Lawler
    Jay Ledoux
    Brian Mouille
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